Health benefits of snus compared to smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is not good for you, and for years people have been searching for more healthy alternatives that still give the same feel. Snus, a tobacco based product, is most popular in Sweden and other European countries though in the future it is sure to spread wider across the world. It is far less harmful than smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products given that it is not smoked.

Smoking causes lung disease due to build up in the airways, however as snus is not smoked, nor inhaled, it reaps many health benefits over smoking. Current research shows how snus reduces and can even eliminate the risk of a lot of cancers associated with smoking. Snus is a type of powder, it is moist, and not smoked therefore making it a far less harmful way of consuming tobacco. In Sweden, more than half of snus users are people who have smoked in the past, using snus has reduced their risk of a variety of highly unwanted health problems such as many cancers, lung disease and diabetes. In 2018 the European health data, published by the World Health Organisation demonstrated the benefits of using snus of cigarettes. The level of tobacco related mortality and illness was far lower in Sweden (where snus is most popular) than any other country.

Snus is a mix of air cured tobacco with salt and water then processed under strict quality and regulatory controls making sure that snus is the best of quality and is safe for all people to use. It is placed behind the upper lip and is somewhat like a tiny tea bag.